Restrict users to edit their own records

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I am building a Contacts Directory app for our community using glide. I am keeping the app permission to login with their email ID. I want to restrict the users to edit only their records who had logged in with the registered email ID. They should not be able to edit other’s records. Can anyone guide me on how to do this?

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Use your current sheet as your first tab in your app. Change it to the Detail Style, then turn on Per User Data. Each user will only see their own details and you can turn on editing so they can make changes their details.

In your spreadsheet, create a second sheet, and use ={‘FirstSheetName’!A1:Z} in cell A1 of the new sheet. This will make a copy of all of the data. This is the sheet you will use as a second tab in your app. Do not turn on Per User Data for this tab and keep the view as list so you can see all of the contacts. You will disable editing for this new tab so it will be view only.

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Thanks a lot for the direction… Really appreciate it. :+1:

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