Restricting editing to only items you've created

Hi everyone

Can you tell me if this is possible right now or whether it needs to be added as a feature?

I’m looking to use glide to create a people directory where members log in with their email address and create their profile listing.

I’d like to restrict it so they can see all items but only edit the item that’s theirs, i.e. the one that shares the same email address as the one they logged in with.

Is this possible?


It can be done. I think this is a good explanation and example of what you are looking for.

Thanks for the reply. In this example it seems that people can create items and read all items, but not edit only their own though…? Perhaps i’m misunderstanding it.

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In that particular example, no it doesn’t appear that a user can edit their own items once created, however you can set it up similar to the finstagram advanced example where there are two profile sheets. One is a ‘view only’ sheet for all users to see. The other sheet is used with per user data for adding and editing.