Editing for shop owners in marketplace

I have a marketplace site, and would like each person who uploads a product/post to be able to edit that product/post only. Is this possible?

Currently only way to do this would be to have a separate tab called “my products” that’s filtered by posts the user has posted and made editable by users.

Thanks Robert. That will do it :slight_smile:

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You also need to make sure that you choose one of the logins for your app that require an email.

Yes, done, thanks George. But if I make the posts of one user editable, they are editable for all logged in users. Am I missing something?

In that case you need to add their email to each of their posts and then have some kind of profile page that is filtered down to just them and one record. Do some searching on this board to find a few examples of how various gals and guys have implemented profile pages. They you would use a filtered by user inline list of that users posts to allow only them to edit them.

Right…this is similar to my response. Create a separate tab that’s filtered to just the user. Inline list of only their posts. Make this tab “editable” by users.

For the posts that you do not want to be editable and viewable by all, you will need to duplicate the sheet using a formula like ={'SheetName'!A:Z}. The new sheet will be used for the general public to view all posts/products without being able to edit them.

mmm, I have a profile page with a filter as you suggest. Do you mind if I share my app link with you?

Thanks Robert, yes, I have set up a profile page with a filter as you and Jeff suggest. Do you mind if I share my app link with you?


Aah, OK, will give that a go. Thanks Jeff.

Please do!

Thank you :slight_smile: https://app.smallbrands.com.au/

I assume I shouldn’t be able to edit this directory listing…
Screen Shot 2020-02-24 at 4.35.13 PM

Correct. I would like all listings to have user-owner editing privileges.

So, here’s what I’m thinking…either in the My Profile section or somewhere in the menu, have a tab/section called “My listings”. This will be a list/inline list of that same Directory data table, but filtered to email isSignedInUser. This section/tab, allow users to edit. Don’t allow users to edit the main directory.

I thought I had already done that. I am using a ‘list relation’ section in the Profile tab and then filtering it by signedin user, but it if I give the posts editing rights, it gives everyone editing rights. Perhaps I am misunderstanding you.

OK, I think I’ve got it. :slight_smile:

Ah…I see. Yes, I can’t edit my own from the relation in the profile tab because it’s still attempting to edit the original source sheet.

It can’t be an inline list…it has to be its own tab. Try creating a new tab called “My Directory” but use the same sheet source as the main directory. Replicate the layout of the original directory “Add” form in details view. For each component, have it filtered by isSignedinUser. If they haven’t created a directory, then these fields shouldn’t be visible. You might even want to create a rich text component that says something like “Sorry, you have not yet created a directory. Click the button below to set one up” and filter both the text and the button (that would link to the add directory screen) to show if the email does not contain signed in user.

This should work. If it doesn’t, you may have to do what @Jeff_Hager mentioned above:

you will need to duplicate the sheet using a formula like ={'SheetName'!A:Z}

This would be unfortunate as it would effectively double your row usage. One sheet of directories would feed the other (so you don’t have to reenter data). The original sheet should be the one that’s filtered down to one user and be in it’s own tab (like described above). The new, read-only Directories sheet would be in place of the one you have visible now…only change would be that you couldn’t use the add button on this tab as it would break the ={} array formula referenced above and result in #REF errors…so you’d have to find another way of creating new directories.

Try the first method first…I believe it will work for you.