Allow user to edit data when using email whitelist (Pro)

Hi community, quick question.
I’m using the email whitelist, and want the users to have the option the edit their personal information, and only their information.
Now everybody can edit each others information when chacking “Allow user to edit data”

Is this possible, what do I forget.
Thank you!

Is the edit feature allowed from a list layout, where user A can also see other user profile?


I recommend the 2 sheet method. One with editable data and another that’s a copy of the first to be used for view only. Make the edit sheet a tab in detail style layout. I like to place this in the hamburger menu. Make the view tab a list view with no edit controls. Using email filtering, users will only see their own record on the edit tab. They can view all records on the view tab.

Or maybe just 1 sheet is ok?

2 tabs that refer to 1 sheet (Profile) which has user email column

1 tab use a list layout, edit is not allowed in this tab

Other tab use a Detail layout, pointing to Profile sheet, and data is filtered by User Email column?

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Actually yes, that might work as I’ve recently discovered.

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Ok, will give it a try.
If you have an example app would be great.
Thank you

This employs the 2 sheet method: FInstagram Profiles (Bug?) but it should be easy enough to try the 1 sheet method. Just create a new tab and point it to the same sheet as the existing tab.

I found the solution in the per-user-data video. 1:25min.
Use a detail page with an email filter.

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