Can you add option to link Buttons to Tabs?

OK, I think I may have discovered my confusion while working on a demo for somebody else. If you have a button and a tab both opening a list of items, then the details for those list items will be mimicked across both detail views. So adding components or turning on edit mode will affect the detail view whether you come in from the button or from the tab. If you change the layout style for the button to be Detail Style layout, then it will only show the details of one row, but you can change the components how you want and allow edit mode, but it will not affect the detail view when selecting a record in the list from the tab. So a good example would be a list of employees accessible from the tab where everything would be view only, but you could use the button to open only the details for your personal profile and turn on editing so you can edit only your own record. I guess I didn’t realize it worked this way, so I learned something. In your case, both views are the Detail Style layout, so essentially the top level from a button or tab can be independently designed, but any sub levels share the details layout across the app.

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