New or Enhanced Button Action

When you select the “Link to screen” action for a regular Button component it gives you a list of the spreadsheet Sheets to select from but not Tabs. I would like for it to include all Tabs, including ones created within Glide. I have created various Tabs that point to the same sheet but filter the data by different categories. I want to put buttons, on a details page, that when selected open up those Tabs in a list view page.

<< Yes there are workarounds but they are a lot of work >>
I can create cloned sheets using spreadsheet query functions, but that just adds a new sheet for every category and a lot of maintenance and work building pages for each one. The other work around is using the Tile view but the smallest Tile has a 3:1 ratio, which is a lot higher that in height than a series of buttons. I could have twice as many buttons in the same screen space as 3:1 ratio images using a Tile view.

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BTW, those large “Buttons” in the above screen shot are 3:1 ratio images that I created in Inkscape to simulate buttons in a Tile view.