Button to link to a screen (not a sheet)

Currently button link to screen takes you to a fresh new sheet which is so frustrating and this is the same for side menu. So you have navigation on tabs, on side navigation and on CTA in home. They all created new sheet which is a bad user experience as its meant to select the destined tab. Please fix this!

I believe that’s by design. There are some cases where people want a different layout or design from the same sheet. There is currently no way select a tab via a button. If you want to actually select the tab, you have to click on the tab button.

Yes, thats right. I’m saying this is a usability problem thats required to be fixed by Glide. We design and develop app extensively. This needs to be fixed from the developer. May be a convention Link to Sheet or Link to Screen.

Thanks for your input by the way Jeff!

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