Link to the same sheet in two different tabs and have different components in each

Tab 1:

When I click the button By type:

When I click Actives:

So, there’s a Link to screen action in the button that connects to the sheet Raw materials type. Then, I choose the category and have an Inline list for the relation column I created with the Raw materials sheet.

Tab 2:

When I click the button Stock by type:

When I click Active:

Here, I want to access the Stock relation column, so I should be able to choose the Inline list Stock relation, but if I delete the Raw materials relation and add the Stock relation, it makes this same change in the Database tab:

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You beat me to the presentation of this very case scenario. I’m having the same problem. I’m glad I’m not the only one.

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And I had the same problem - and couldn’t understand the behavior. I put a post on spectrum (the old days) - and @JackVaughan told me that the seen behavior could be understood when reading the documentation - but I guess we are a few people that can’t really understand it :wink: