Same table different tabs

I have a problem, I cannot create 2 tabs that work with the same sheet the same table but different components and different functionality?

how can i solve?

You can, but only at the top level of a tab or Link to Screen. Once you get below that top level, by viewing the details of a list, then the details view is directly tied to the sheet no matter how you get to it through your app.

I understand, for example from a list → details, the details will be the same in the other tab. right?

Some idea I have roles and my admin and seller, but it is very complicated to have the administrator and seller options in a single tab, so I would like 2

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Yes, that is correct.

I suppose you could share still have two tabs with lists that share the same detail screen, but put visibility conditions on all of the components that you want to show to an admin.


Ok, Thanks for the suggestion

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