2 tabs: 2 Inline lists -> show details -> modify -> mirrors the form


I am looking for a thread that has probably already covered this subject. I can’t find it however.

I was trying to make a new tab with an inline list that is linked to the same sheet as another tab that also has an inline list. As an action, both inline list have “show details”.

When you go into this detail view and you allow users to modify it. I encounter this problem:

If you modify this form. The other form will also be affected. I was looking to have 2 different form types.

Does somebody have a link on how I could solve this?

It would be greatly appreciated.


A big foundation of glide is that layouts become tied to sheets/tables. This happens at any level below the top level of a tab or a link to screen view. Your list would the the top level, so each list can be designed differently, but the details are the next level down and each list item then shares the same details layout. It’s designed this way so you can reference the same data in multiple places throughout the app without having to redesign the details screen every time, and any changes stay consistent throughout the app.

There are several ways to approach what you are trying to do, but it might help to first get a better understanding of why you want to have two tabs that point to the same data, and what exactly you want to be different between each tab.


I have the same issue with 4 different forms, I’m going to make a photoshoot reservation app and all I want is to separate some details between the 4 different forms.
How can I do that please ?

Thanks by advance :wink:

You can use the “copy component” feature to copy the components you want, and then add the “different components”.

Or, use conditional visibility for the components and use the same form, if you have a variable for that.