How do i make my inline lists independable?

I have a video question for better understanding and solution. pls, go through it.

The way Glide is designed, the layout of the detail screen is linked to the sheet, so any list that goes to the same sheet will have the same layout.

Are you trying to get different items in the same list to have difference detail layouts, or do you only want each inline list to have different details? If you only want each inline list to be different, then I would recommend either creating separate sheets for each subject list, or set the visibility on each component in the details to show or hide depending on which subject type you are viewing. Hope that helps.

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Same issue here. I have multiple “list relations” within the same screen and referencing the same sheet, but I want each “list relation” to have different layouts, but when I change the layout structure of one, it changes it on all of them.

@mI have the same issue as well. I wish there was a way to make the inline list independent. When I click on one item within the inline, the same thing is coming up for the other items. This has been holding me back from making progress on my app. Can someone help please.

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To solve this problem, I have created another column in the content sheet called “Layout”. This holds different layout values e.g. Article Layout 1, Video Layout 1 etc.

Using this value I can add multiple display fields, and hide the visibility based on the value in the Layout column. This gives me the ability to show the Video component, if it is Video Layout 1 etc.

@uhwi_developer thank you, I appreciate your assistance!

You can also use this option in the list properties.


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Thank you @Jeff_Hager I had figured that out, that is exactly what I needed.

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