Inline List Edit Changes All Lists


I have a few inline lists on a tab of mine. I changed the style of one list, but when I took a look at the others, their styles changed as well. I haven’t seen this happen before. Am I missing something?


Would a video be helpful?

Here’s a recording.

This is because when you go to view more the entire page view is set to that view. If you want individual styles you would have to have that 1st inline list when clicked it has a inline list that was added to it and the entire page would be set to details view with a inline list inside of it. Otherwise its pulling from same sheet same screen with just different filters and criteria.

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There is no option for a details style for the inline lists.

Hi @Jen_NYCP

Just a thought :arrow_down:


He has it set to a limited amount visible so he is clicking see more so it shows the inline list.

I think this works for when I click on each business. Not for the inline list itself.

According to Mark, this is currently a Glide limitation. It’s been discussed here.


Dang, kind of surprising. Will have to find a way to make this work. Thanks!


Tried a few things, does anyone have a recommendation on how else I can display a list from the same sheet with a different style? Thanks!

you can make each item have their own Indenependent screen configuration. Then in those use details view then add the additional inline lists.

The details is the screen type.

Then in that add a inline list which you get to pick it’s own style

Where am I supposed to find this independent screen option? There is none for the main details screen. Is this setting is tied to when you click INTO a screen not the screen you are on? If this is the case when I click INTO the See More list, the setting should be found on the details screen before that, no?

when you add a inline list click on features

then scroll to the bottom

you click this and it adds row identifiers in your sheet to make them independent

Oh yes I tried that, nothing changed. I think it’s for the action, so it’s tied to the next screen not the current screen you are on.

It’s tied to the list item you click on. So each item will pull up independent screens that you can manipulate and they will not be or look the same.

That’s not what I am looking for. I want the in line list screen to be independent of the other inline lists on the main details screen.

Thats what Im telling you. Otherwise they will all go to same screen. Or just make each one go to details and in that make an additional inline list that is filtered to match the list they clicked.Get rid of the see more and just do it that way.

There is no details style for inline lists.

And no independent screen checkbox for the details screen