Problem with inline list

Hello all, I’m relatively new to glideapp. So if my doubt is very silly please excuse me.

I’m having a problem with inline list element. In my aap, I’ve three buttons in my home page which are linked to three different screen (Action>New screen details). All the three screens are configured in the same way. Its like three user profile pages. The screens are configured in details with 3 elements. One is a chart, second is a inline list and third is another inline list. Both the inline lists are having more than 3 rows of data, for which, I’ve selected the option of " Show “see all” for than". Now the data for the second inline list are linked to same worksheet in the google sheet but the details are from different different columns for each screen. All is showing correct data when the inline list are showing the limited data. When I’m clicking “see all” for the second inline list, all the three screens are getting directed to same data irrespective of the setting in the inline list. If I make the change in one of the screen, other two screen are directing to the new setting.

Please help me how to come out of this situation.

Could you show a video of the problem ?

Which video format can I upload here? I’ve recorded the screen and its a .mp4 file format.

You can put your video somewhere where you can link to the video eg in google drive (remember to make the video public) or use Loom

The video doesn’t seem to be public

Can you try now. I’ve changed the settings.

You should understand that the detail screen shown when an list item in a list is clicked would be the same independent of which inline list you click. It will be based on the source of the inline list. So list based on the same source will have the same (last) detail screen.

I expect that you have put some visibility on some of the inline lists - and therefore only some items are shown - and it looks as you expect.

But when you click on see all it will show the item that was actually selected in the original list. I would expect it to be the first item on the list.

If you want a different new screen when you click on different items then you can select “Indepedent screen configuration per item”

If this is a good idea I cannot tell as I dont how many items you have in your list.

Maybe this can help you


@Dibyaranjan_Senapati Another comment. The last screen in the flow is just a list view - and it will just show the first item of the list

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@Dibyaranjan_Senapati And another comment. You might have a data structure that isn’t ideal as what you want to display. It might be beneficial if you describe how your tables looks like

@Dibyaranjan_Senapati - I hear you buddy.
I am new here as well and having the same problems…
I haven’t found a solution yet either. Hopefully someone maybe able to direct us in the right direction.
If I find my solution I too will let you know.
Fingers crossed as my data changes daily