Actions for Inline Lists from Same Sheet


Has there been any movement with inline lists from the same sheet being able to have different actions?

If I change the action for one, they change for all of them. I need each inline list to point to a different link.

I saw something about Screen Variants, not sure if that’s the same thing.


Are you talking about separate actions for each list item, or separate actions for separate lists?

Seperate actions for each list.

I have three inline lists:
Gift Cards

For the Gift Card inline list, I click ‘see all’ and select the action to ‘open link’, the target being the gift card link, but the same action is applied to the Merch and Donate inline lists.

Ok. Please be sure to indicate whenever you are having issues within the ‘See All’ portion of the list as they function a little differently from an inline list. As indicated in prior posts, this is a limitation of Glide right now, so I’m not sure if there is a good way to avoid it other than avoiding the ‘Show All’ view if it causes issues.

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Thanks. I will have to find a different way to display these that will work and still look good.

I created a feature request for it of anyone is getting stuck with this limitation.

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