Link to the SAME page?

Look here:

When I click on the REPORT tab and then on one of the numbers, I EXPECTED to go to the page for THAT NUMBER.

BUT, it just goes to the SAME sheet?

What am I doing here? How can I fix it?

Layouts are tied to sheets. You set the details layout for that sheet and then added an inline list that points to that same sheet. When selecting a list item, you are viewing the details layout that you already set. You need to place a dummy sheet that will become your tab and then add the button and inline list. You will also have to fix your components layout for that lists details.

Thanks!!! I think I had all that in my HEAD, but you explained it in a way that JUST MADE SENSE!

all fixed!

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So, my thought now is that if I am going to include a LIST on a page. I may just make a “blank” sheet. With just enough info and then run it as a details page (and point to my lists)

Not sure if that makes sense to you, but it does to me.

THANKS for getting my mind moving this morning.

Yep, that’s usually how I set it up if I’m embedding an inline list on a detail page. Not necessary if you are just using a list style, but you have to think a little differently for the Details style. Details style is only good if you are viewing a specific record from a list, or using per user data from a sheet. I think you got it figured out.