What do I do wrong?

OK, I have detailview and then I have 3 inline lists that I tell to horizontally scroll. But when I click on the individual items I don’t get an individual detail page, I just get a refresh of the page with the 3 inline lists. What do I do wrong?

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This happens when your list items are drawn from the same table you’re using for the current detail layout.

ah ok! thanks

Your inline lists need to be placed on an empty placeholder sheet. Just remember that detail layouts are always tied to the sheet that they are pointing to. Like David said you already laid out the detail page with inline lists, so selecting an item takes you right back to that same detail page.

I have difficulties with understanding the why of this, so I assume there will be more people that need a little help with this in the UI maybe !

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I had the same question early on … I posted this and got what I think was a very good clear explanation.

Yeah, this seems to be a common issue that I’ve had to explain several times. I don’t know of a good way to make clear before someone runs into the issue. It’s hard to explain the ‘why’ behind it until someone has already made the mistake and needs to learn how to fix it. That’s why I stick with the simplest explanation of “layouts are tied to sheets”. Just seems like something that’s best learned by trial and error. I wonder if it would help if some sort of helper box showed up whenever someone clicked on the Detail Style layout. Maybe a look to a quick video or one paragraph explanation.

It would be nice to be able to avoid the placeholder sheet, but I don’t know of a great way to approach that. Maybe a new tab that’s “blank” and not tied to a sheet. Maybe a new action of “link to blank”??? Still might not be clear to explain.

Yeah, thanks. As a non tech user I’d think it must be possible to just start with three horizontal lists on a page :wink: But now I know!

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We don’t like it either. We have some ideas for how to clarify this.