Pro App changes not syncing

I believe there is an issue with syncing.

I’ve added a List Relation to a screen, configured it’s style and data values.

I have manually reloaded the sheet, killed and relaunched the app, deleted it and re-added it to home screen and still can’t see the changes.

This is what is should look like:


This is what it currently looks like on the device:

my list wont show all of a sudden

ok, I’m not the only one, there must be a much wider-impacting issue then.

@Mark this is still an issue 3-hours later and even after re-creating the List Relation

This is affecting me too. Every list in my app from Inline Lists (via See All) to simple List Relations just take you to a list view, and nothing you do to style it will hold. This actually affected over a dozen lists in my app that were already styled. I guess I’m hoping that the original style data is somehow saved on Glide’s end and when this resolves, all my lists will just magically go back to the way they looked, because fixing each one individually is going to take some time.

The fix for this is rolling out right now. Unfortunately, your list screens won’t come back in the original configuration.

What we can offer is to restore your apps to the configuration they were in at about 8am UTC today. If you want that, please PM me the link to your app(s).

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@Mark I don’t understand why Inline Lists can’t match their outward styling/configuration when you go into its See All. If you’ve created, say, an inline list of your photos in 2x3 from a particular sheet, then in another part of the app, you create another inline list using the same sheet (or relation of that sheet) but have them as square photos, it’s weird that both See Alls in the horizontal mode are forced to see the same styling/configuration… you’d have to pick one or the other for both lists. In fact, even List Relations from the same sheet will take you to the same list view configuration. Sort order and filter on list components/inline lists get carried over into the See All… why not style configuration? Is that coming at any point?

Yes, this is something we’re thinking about.