List Relations not able to changing "Style"?

Anyone have this issue? when i want change the Style to “Cards”, its not able to change! Please help

Can you make a video/gif of the problem? Is there something wrong with your mouse?

Does this happen in staging? Have you reloaded the page?

Start from yesterday. i already inform to Glide Support teams. i have reload in this 2 days… but anyone else have this issue ??

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I am not experiencing this. If you have contacted the support team, they should be in touch with you soon. :wave:

Is there more than one column of data in that sheet?

There is a lot columns and data in that sheet. but just cant changing the “Style”

Hmm not sure then. I previously had this problem when my sheet had no data in it — it would only let me select the style that worked with my data (I only had one column, so I think I only had access to the basic list styles). It may have been a bug as that’s only happened to me once before.

Definite bug!

Having a similar issue, none of the styles are currently working for me, pressing on any of them does nothing.

Somebody help~ need solve this issue…

Can you send a screenshot of your Glide Table view (the data)?

what is the point ?

When I had the issue, I had a sheet with just one column and the rest were Glide computed columns. I couldn’t get all the styles to show until I added a couple more columns of data to my Sheet. Again, I think that was a temporary glitch/bug, but wanted to see if maybe you had a similar issue. Doesn’t look like it!

Not only 1 sheet happen on this, i think is the List Relation’s “Style” function have this bug. i think not only me… alot people have this issue too… just hope that Glide can solve it in shortly!

I noticed this specifically when clicking on the “see more”:

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Yes Correct @Robert_Petitto … its was stuck at the previous Style. and the new List is not able to changing too. did you know what is going on ?

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