Bug in updating layout settings


It was all working fine. But suddenly from yesterday I am having two bugs

  1. Calendar view automatically changed to list view. I did not do anything. Yet it changed today morning.

  2. Data sort in Calendar view in descending or ascending view is not working.

If it suddenly changes there’s probably a bug. Can you please give your app link and some screenshots so @Mark can have a look?

Many more bugs have come…

  1. Calendar view even after I changed is not changing for user
  2. Sort by date in list issue
  3. I have enabled ‘allow users to add’ button in my worksheets /Assignments. But they are not able to see the plus button to add.

It might take a while for a layout change to be updated to the user. Same for the add button thing.

I have been using Glideapp for quite some time now. It happens almost instantly. And this is definitely a bug. Because the setting itself reverts to old settings when I login back. So the new setting is not getting saved.

Let’s say I changed the calendar view. After 2 hrs I log back in and it is back to list view…

Same thing happened with add button now. One hour back I updated. I was sure it is working. Then I logged in back now, that is gone.

Not sure about your case, but the layout things would take a while to update for me if we’re talking about an installed app on the user’s home screen.

Hopefully Mark will have time to look at your case tomorrow then.

Hi… So I am not talking about just layout update.

The sitting itself is reverting back. It is not taking in my new setting in the glide app component tab itself. Temporarily it updates the layout. When I come back the layout is gone and reverts to old setting.

Yeah I know, I was just talking specifically about the update time to the device of users. The settings revert might be a bug and Glide will take care of that.

Probably the same issue here?


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Couple of doubts

  1. Restore only the screens right. Not the data? Because after 8 am lot of new data has come in

  2. Also will it affect all list screens or only the inline list relation screens?

  3. If I don’t restore can I now manually go and update the list views myself? Or I need to recofigure the entire app screens?

The bug seems to have fixed. Thanks. It is working fine now. :slight_smile:

Yes, only the screens. The data won’t be affected.

It would restore all screens.

You can now fix the individual views.