Layout changes vanished

After making considerable changes in my Layout area , I updated my google sheets in Data area to add a Relation and moved the new cloumn to the beginning. When I came back to my layout area, all my changes vanished. Has anyone seen this behaviour before ? I have to do all my changes again.

The Layout area and had data from same sheet which I updated

In the Layout Editor

  1. Are the components on the left hand side gone?
  2. Or are the components still there but the data displayed is different?

If your issue is 1, then this feels like a bug or maybe a cache issue.

If your issue is 2, perhaps you added user-specific columns, row owners or a query column in the tables in the Date Editor, and based on the user you are viewing as in the Layout Editor, the data displayed has changed?

The components were reset to the default ones. All my changes where I grouped in container, updated text entry to choice etc were all gone. So its Issue 1.

I did add a relation column to the table and moved them around. But the issue wasn’t user specific.

My apologies for asking what is probably a silly question: are you positive you are looking at the correct screen? Is it possible you duplicated the screen or have the wrong one selected?

100% its the same screen… I only have 1 screen apart from users and thats where all my changes were .

Annoying but that sounds like a bug, some sort of technical issue. Possibly your internet connection was down when Glide tried to save in the background. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a pain to rebuild.

It was a couple of hours worth of work. I can redo it. But I’m just concerned if something like this happens when I have done a lot many changes as it deals with 100s of fields. It would be a nightmare to rework it all.

Yes that is understandable. Maybe you could reach out to support and perhaps they can check if you app is compromised in some way. What happened to you is quite unusual.

Since it seems like a major issue and no one seems to have reported it , I just hope it was a one-off occurance and it wont happen again. Thanks again for your response.

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Is it possible that you changed the source of the screen, or any of the affected components?


No… There is only 1 google sheet apart from an options sheet (and Users). So I did not change anything. All the updated components were reverted / removed to default text entry. I will make a copy and see if I’m able to replicate this

I think @Darren_Murphy is referring to the source of a screen which you can change in the top right of the editor. If you change the “screen source” your entire configuration will revert.

Without the selection tool in new glide apps it’s easier to make the mistake of changing the source of your screen vs. the source of a single component.

Are you talking about this ?

Well I was referring to the source of the top layer screen which would be on initial load. Your screenshot is the destination source of a form screen but I suppose if you change the destination source, then your form screen will revert as well.

It happens to me more than I’d like to admit. If you make that mistake you can press the undo button or ctrl+z to bring back your configured screen. However if you reload the editor in between… you are out of luck :cry:

I guess what we are getting at is that whilst it is possible you’ve uncovered a bug, if that were true then it really is a quite serious issue and we’d be expecting that many more people would have noticed and would be complaining about it.

But that’s not happening, so the more likely explanation is that you may have inadvertently done something to cause the changes to revert. So that’s why we’re asking questions, trying to figure what that might have been…

Oh the top layer. I didn’t change that too. Actually there isn’t much to change in my project yet. And yes, it makes sense to revert when the destination changes.

Yes… Thats what I think too. I will give it a shot to replicate it. We can close this discussion further and if I encounter this again, will update here. Thanks for all your responses.