The settings i have done are gone suddenly - why

I am quite new to Glide so I might be doing something intending to, but this has happened many times now that I thought that I would post and ask for some guidance.

Today morning, I was configuring an Add form to allocate a new running ID - it took me a few hours. I ended up testing and it was all working. Then, I went to set Row Owners in the table and try it - then when I came back to the same form, the settings were all gone - the save form action was gone, the fields configuration I have done was all undone.

So, I seek to understand when does Glide save my changes? Is there any workflow that I can follow to ensure that i don’t lose my work like this?

Let me ask you a question - when this happens, have you made any direct changes to the underlying data source? (eg. a connected Google or Excel spreadsheet). If you have, can you show specifically what was changed?

I’m asking this, because some of your other posts make me suspicious that you are doing something fundamentally wrong with Glide.

Somehow similar here…
I setup a dashboard and added a data grid some minutes ago and my complete project has been overwritten by one new table although i didn’t delete anything.
I didn’t change anything to underlying data.

Is there any backup saved?
Thanks, Sabine

Can you provide a screen shot of that “new” table please?

Also, how was your project originally created - was it from a template, or just a blank project?

Hi Darren,

here it is:

It was a blank project.

All my components are gone. I already logged out and in again, but it stays the same. Undo is not possible.
Thanks, Sabine

Hi @Darren_Murphy,

I made a short video where you can see that all the components disappear as soon as you choose another source and if you change source back you’ll find a complete different design and your previous components are completely gone.

By undo only you get your components & layout back.
I assume this is not a desired behaviour of glide and it’s a bug maybe.

Maybe you have access to somebody from glide…

Reg. Sabine

Can I ask why you changed the source table for the the entire tab? Normally you wouldn’t do that unless you had a good reason to make the change. All of those components you had on the screen were tied to that table before you changed it to another table.

Are you sure that you didn’t intend to change the source for only one of the collection components on the screen, as opposed to changing the source for the entire screen?

I suspect that you didn’t mean to change the source for the tab/screen, but I’m not really sure what you meant to do. If you did in fact mean to change the source for the entire tab/screen, and you want the same components on that new screen, then before you change the source, you can right click on the components and select “Copy All”. That way you can copy and paste it the components from one screen to another.

Normally if I need to change the source for a tab, I will create a new tab and move everything over before removing the old tab.


Hi Jeff,
Thanks for looking into this.
I followed the instructions in this video to setup a multiple filter and it is said that one should use the users table.
So far it wasn’t clear to me that the components are linked to a specific source and that all change as soon as you change the source. Thanks for that info.

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Hi Jeff, thanks for this explanation and sorry for the delay in getting back on this thread. I think that I have also done source changes without realizing the full magnitude of what it means - that all my changes would be lost - Ideally, if I have made any customization to the layout and I switch the source, Glide at least should give me a warning that I am about to lose those changes. Or ideally, it should save my changes and bring them back if I come back to that same source. Is this a known issue/bug?

Other thing that I noticed makes me lose my edits is switching the layout from Card to Details or something like that - again, these things seem so innocuous, but they make me lose the customizations I have done - So, Glide at least should warn the user.

Is there any other situation apart from the above two which might make us lose our changes? As new users, we need to be mindful of this…

So, you will create a new tab, use Copy All on the old tab and then paste to the new tab - is this the process to adopt before I switch any source?

That’s probably the most common cases.

Do what works for you. Many times I’m making changes to a live production app, and if I’m making major changes, I tend to create new screens or tabs that only I can see so I don’t interrupt the user.

Don’t be afraid to use the UNDO button in the builder, or the CTRL+Z or CMD+Z on your keyboard,to undo any changes. If you make a change and don’t immediately like it, you can always undo it.