Source sheet changes with view does created forms

New to Glide. I create a page from a spreadsheet using List to view. I changed Features in this view in order for it to click thru to a Form on my details page which I edited the way I wanted. At this point, if I go back to my main page and click on Details view and back to List view - nothing else, just a simple click to Details and back to List - my Form looks to have disappeared. Upon further examination, I see that Glide has changed my default source spreadsheet to something else - just because I viewed in Details momentarily. Is this supposed to happen? Why did Glide change arbitrarily change my source spreadsheet? Also, if I were to point back to the original source spreadsheet the Form reappears - but all my formatting/changes are gone. Thanks for any help in advance.

It used to be that Glide didn’t save any custom layouts whenever you changed layouts and this caught a lot of people when checking out the other layout styles or accidentally clicking on a different layout style. The ability to open a form from a list is pretty new, so you are probably the first person to run into this. I would say that you shouldn’t lose your forms, but I’m guessing they get lost in this case.

@Mark, would you consider this a bug?

For some changes Glide won’t keep those screens, but you can use undo to go back.

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