Form not showing for "Show form screen" action

I am building the inventory detail screen of an inventory app that is based on the “Inventory” by Glide template.

The inventory item detail screen on template app looks like this:

The user can click the “Sell” and “Restock” buttons and the respective forms are opened.

However, on my customized app, when I click either of those buttons from the inventory item detail view, the forms are NOT rendered. The “General | Options” configuration settings near the top right aren’t shown either, so I’m unable to tell what the destination sheet is currently set to for the two buttons:

^ notice how, in my customized app, the breadcrumb at the top right switches from Inventory > Details to Inventory > Form without the form config options being shown :confused: :thinking:

Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

If you go to the detail screen and select the title component (or whichever component contains those buttons) in the lower left component panel, then the right hand panel should show the configuration for those buttons. You may need to double check the actions for those buttons.

You may need to double check the actions for those buttons.

I did, and have compared the template vs my custom app side by side. I don’t see any difference in terms of the actions in the Detail screens.


My Customized app:

The difference I see is in the Form screen, where in my app the configuration options in “Inventory > Form” are missing completely. Also the lower left component panel is suspicious-looking as the components shown there are ‘basic’ mappings of the data source columns:

Comparing that with the Template’s Inventory > Form:

OK, that is weird. I see that components are listed in the lower left panel as if there was a form, although no form is visible. Can you tell which table those components would be referring to? Is it possible that you deleted a column that one of those components may have referred to in the past?

A couple of thoughts:

  • Maybe first try restarting your browser, or maybe clear your browser cache.
  • You could try deleting the those form screen components if plan to replace them anyway.
  • You could try duplicating the Title component and see if the duplicate works better.
  • You could try deleting the actions altogether and recreate them.

Something must be stuck somewhere, but I’m not sure where.

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It looks like that they’re pointing to my Inventory table, which would be incorrect as the “Sell” and “Restock” actions should hit the Orders & Restocking table.

Is it possible that you deleted a column that one of those components may have referred to in the past?

I don’t think so. I have a feeling this particular issue is related to the other one I faced earlier and described at Layout disappears when you reselect a tab's source sheet, which I experienced when changing my primary data sources from Glide Tables to Google Sheets. It’s entirely possible that I need to recreate these ‘inlined’ order create forms as well. But I’m not sure how:

  1. to restore the config settings so that I can be 100% on which sheet the form data is being set to.
  2. the Template app implements two separate forms for the “Sell” and “Restock” actions that both touch the same data table.

I’m going to try resetting my browser data shortly and post back an update.

It is possible to lose a layout if you begin to change the source to different table, but I’m not sure that’s the case here. Maybe a deep rooted cause…but it does seem odd that the Slide In doesn’t appear at all. I would think that would at least show up…but maybe that form is still somehow attached to an old google sheet table, and if the table is not longer there, it’s stuck in a broken state.

I think your best bet might be to remove the buttons from the title component and recreate them from scratch. It really shouldn’t be too complicated. If you open the original template in another window or tab, you might be able to copy and past components from the template into your project…I think…

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Did you make any changes to the tables, like removing default ones, after you copy the template?

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Pardon the delay here. Some updates/replies:

This didn’t change anything, so that rules out possible browser issues

A bit of a historical context.
I wanted use Google Sheets (GS) as the primary data source because my customers need full access to their data and they’re already used to Sheets. But I encountered this limitation about Glide data sources: we can’t connect an existing Glide table to a GSheet yet. So these are the steps I took instead:

  1. Copy Inventory by Glide template into a new project
  2. Copy all the Glide Tables (“GT”) in the template into a Google Sheet (basic fields only), each table onto a separate sheet on the same file
    • Add a row ID column on the tables that were missing to ease relation lookups
  3. Make the GSheet file the primary data source for my project
  4. In the new data source, recreate the relations and other computed fields to match the old template project, doing any other customizations as necessary
  5. Replace each GT with each sheet in the GSheet doc
  6. Remove the old GTs after testing the layout

Everything generally went well, except step 6 had caused problems for the Inventory tab: it made the Inventory create screen to “disappear”, similar to what’s described in Layout disappears when you reselect a tab's source sheet. The layout components of the tab were being shown, but the create form itself was not being rendered when clicking the add button. It turns out that the Inventory layout’s Source has been set to the GT “Inventory”. I only got to find out about this when I deleted the GT sheet, and Glide automatically switched to the GSheets table of the same name. Setting the Source of the tab layout to the GSheets table fixed this problem.

Yup, this is what I ended up doing.

This would have been great - or better yet, to have the ability to re-use forms :smile: - but copy-pasting (both cross and intra-project) didn’t work for me reliably. It only works for the first component and then Glide’s clipboard doesn’t seem to updated, all subsequent copying just pasted the first component in the source projects.

All in all, this is how my ‘inlined’ form from the “Restock” action now looks like:


Glad you got everything up and running again!


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