Cant select a specific form when the action is "show form screen"


Do you know why when I add a button and the action is show form screen, it doesn’t let me select the specific form I want? by default it takes the first one I created. This is on Glide Pages.


In the form settings you should be able to choose the destination table. You will then get a form appropriate for that table, which can be further configured.

Hi Darren,

I do what you tell me, but an additional tab is created. I need that when the button is clicked it appears as a popup window (overlay) and that it is that exact form and not another.

Okay, I’m a little confused. Would you mind adding a screen shot please to help me understand your problem?

Yes, see the image below please.


Form 2 is not the form that i need, is anothe but i cant selected.

When the form is open, you should see something like the below in the right hand panel:

And you should be able to change the destination sheet.

Do you not see that option?


oh thanks!

I don’t understand how I couldn’t see it, since it’s something key

Thanks again Darren!

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