Untether the Form Button!

Here is what I would like: the ability to unleash the form button from the constraints of the current tab. Currently, in the form button, you can select to which tab the values get written (destination).

In addition to this functionality, I’d like the ability to also select FROM which sheet the components/values are populated in the form (source).

For example, let’s say I had three tabs. The first being a profile tab, the second being an information tab, and the third being a responses tab. Usually, I would want the form button on the information tab so that I could pass the values from this sheet to the responses sheet via the form. But what if I want that form button instead on the profile tab? Now those fields/values in the information sheet cannot be passed to the response sheet.

What would be nice is to add a form button to the profiles tab, select the FROM sheet (“source”) to be the information sheet and then select the destination sheer as the responses sheet. If this were done, theoretically you could then create a form button anywhere you’d like with in the app without affecting its intended purpose.


This would provide a much better UX.

How would you determine which row of values to pass into the form button from the source sheet?

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If filtered user is signed in user… that row?

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Got it. So you’d have to establish a filter. I suppose if there was a multiple match or no filter set, then use the first matching row?

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Ya, that would be most logical.

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