All form buttons are linked!

I want to insert different form buttons linked to different sheets to store data but it only selects one sheet and doesn’t let me link it to a different one although it gives me the option to.

Eg: I have 3 form buttons. One for Service A, Service B and Service C. I made 3 sheets for these 3 services with different column headers. Now I want to link Form A to Sheet A (Service A), Form B to Sheet B (Service B) and Form C to Sheet C (Service C). When I set the destination of Form A to Sheet A, Form B and C too get linked to Sheet A. Similarly when I change the destinations of Form B and C to their respective sheets, it changes the destinations for all 3 of the Form buttons.

Can someone help me out so that I can get this sorted out? I’m not sure if this is a bug or if I have missed out on something.



Are all 3 form buttons on the same screen, or are you first showing a list of three items, click one of the items to view it’s details, then click a form button? Just want to make sure you have 3 separate buttons instead of the same button in the details of a list item.

I have three services on one page. When I click on each service, there is one form button. So yeah, there are 3 separate buttons.
But to be sure, could you help me out by telling me how to add new form buttons just in case I’m adding the same button?

I also read an article posted by Glideapps saying that different form buttons can be created and if you don’t want to store all the data in one sheet, make different sheets and in the components of that page, click on the form and change the destinations. I’ve done this but it’s changing all the destinations of all the form buttons. I’m clueless as to how to find a way around this :man_shrugging:t2:

If you’re setting the same layout for all 3 services then that is 1, not 3 buttons.

How do I create three different form buttons then?
All I want to do is create an app where the user sees the different services I want to offer them, and then they click on each service and click on the form and fill it. But yeah, the form can’t be the same cuz the services are totally different. Any idea how to approach this?

Do you capture the same information for each service? How many different columns do you have in those 3 sheets?

So see, my app is gonna provide different services like photography, videography and digital art. So when the user opens the app, they’ll be able to see these 3 services. They click on let’s say ‘Photography’, and they’ll see a form button. When they click on that, they’ll be able to enter details and it should be stored in a sheet titled ‘Photography’. The same goes for the other 2 services. And yes, the forms are totally different as these are totally different services. So the columns are not the same in the sheet. There are around 7 columns in each sheet, but they’re not the same. So right now, I have three sheets each for the 3 services. I just can’t link each form to each sheet.
I hope this is clear. Let me know if I should explain it better :slight_smile:

You explain it well!

Here’s where the independent screen configuration comes into play. Enable this and you can create 3 different forms in each screen.


As @ThinhDinh said, your list of services all share the same layout and because of that, they share the same form button.

There’s a couple of options here:

  • First you can turn on independent screen layouts, which will force you to design the screen layout for each service details screen independently, including the form button. This is great if your list of services are static and will hardly ever change.

  • Option 2 is to keep what you have if it’s easier to always keep the same screen layout or each service, but create 3 separate form buttons on any one of the service detail screens. Once you have the 3 buttons created, then you can set visibility for each on which will depend on which service you are currently viewing.


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Thank you @ThinDinh and @Jeff_Hager for everything! Finally got it done and it’s working really well! Thank you so much!! :))


Hello, can you tell me where are these settings?

In any tab without a details screen, you can find that upon clicking “Features” under “Properties” on the right.

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