Two different choice sheets, that gets mixed up by glide

I have 2 sheets with choice and 2 for submit, and glide keeps changeing them so that only one part of the app works at any time. How do I keep them apart?

Hola @Lena_H-K

By chance, did you copy the form button? Assuming you are using a form button at all.

No, I took a new form button. Yes, I do use one for each.

Structure is: part 1 sheet with items - to one submit-sheet, part 2 another sheet with items, to another submit sheet, and glide changes the source to the form, when Im done with part 1, and turn to part 2, the form has the same source as to part 1, thus the wrong items.

Do you have a video or screenshots of the settings?

I will take scrs if you say what part you want to see

The form settings.

How about the 2nd form?

I am assuming you are setting your buttons wherever you have each different sheet with items, right?

Dont really get what you mean. Is there a way to separate the two different parts, relations?

Ok, let’s say that sheet 1 is on inline-list 1 and sheet 2 is on inline-list 2. So, I’d put my form, depending on what you want, inside each inline-list.

Is that what you have?

Your screenshots show both of your forms are on the same screen.

No I dont think so. I have form and inline list below form.

If you have both forms underneath de inline list on the same screen, I am afraid that is the issue.

No, they are not on the same screen. They are under different tabs. The pics show the same tab.
When they get mixed, I have the wrong source for every item in the form and have to type everything from scratch. Then its all good, and if I then do something to tthe other half of the app, it has changed the source in that form to the one I just typed in. It just wants to use one source for both forms…

The form is going to default to the row of the particular item you are looking at. If you set a form button to a detail screen on a tab, it will default to the first row of that table.
Any chance that the table for those two screen is the same?

No, its two different tables on one spreadsheet. And it defaults to another table, the one I have on the other tab.
I could move one half to another spreadsheet and use two. As it is I can get one half app functioning, but not both.

I could not use 2 spreadsheets. So that did not solve the situation.


I did not mean that you have to use 2 separate spreadsheets. I meant that you might need to use two different tables, or inline-lists in order to be able to access the information you need.

Without knowing exactly what you have done and what you want to accomplish, it is difficult, at least for me, to help you out.

Take a look at these docs:

You will get columns from the underlying sheet/table.

I have 2 different tables for items and 2 different tables for choice-submit. And those get mixed up and changed. I have described it rather clearly.

At least for me, I think I would need to see more screenshots, or a video, or a link to the app to better understand what’s going on. I’m guessing something is just misconfigured, but reading through the thread, I haven’t been able to quite determine your exact app layout, app flow, or what exactly is the problem. I have a theory that you only have one form and you are trying to configure it to do two different things, but I don’t know enough about your app to say for sure. Most importantly, I’d need to see both tabs. What components are on each tab? What sheet does each tab point to? What sheet does each inline list point to? Is the form button in the list details or directly on the top level of the tab? It looks like you showed the details for one of your forms, but not the other.

Also it would help if you clarified what you mean when you say that things get mixed up and change. What exactly is getting changed? Is it the form destination? Is it the the configuration of the choice component? That part was not clear to me.