Multiple Forms

Can I add multiple forms on the same tab but have the data collected on separate sheets? So far I can add seperate forms on seperate tabs but I cant seem to add multiple forms on sub pages of a single tab.

OK I can add multiple Forms on the same page but I cant add different forms on each of the sub pages of a tab. On my main Tab I have 4 different items. I want to track information for each of the items in seperate sheets but It appears I need to have all 4 form buttons on each item page in order to for it to work. If I have only one button, when I change the sheet in the component properties it changes the sheet for all 4 pages.

You have to remember that a detail layout is always tied to the sheet, so adding or removing a component on one detail page will add or remove that components from all detail pages if it’s the same sheet. If you want certain buttons to hide or show, you should be setting the component Visibility based on some value on the detail page.

I hadn’t thought of that, I’ll see if that will work.

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That worked like a charm! Thanks

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