Can I create multiple forms to populate data into one sheet?

I have a sheet for a “deal” entity, which contains about 60 columns. I’d like to create multiple forms so that a user isn’t presented with all 60 fields in a single form when they only want to edit a few fields. Ideally, I’d create about 4 forms, each with 15 columns of related data.

@Mark and friends - Is there a way to create multiple forms associated with a single sheet so that I don’t have a single ginormous editable form?

In my opinion you can. Have you tired it and failed?

Ditto. Using Form Buttons, I’d say most definitely you can have different form layouts that write to the same sheet. I think with the Add/Edit buttons, you are locked into a single add/edit layout that’s tied to the sheet.

Yes, but using a form, you will add a new line instead of filling some other fields of the same row.

You could maybe split your sheet tab, instead of one tab and 60 columns, you set 4 tabs with 15 values each, and for each, the same “key” (deal id). For example, if the deal ID is set to the A column of the tab A, then in tabs B, C and D you put in cell A1 the formula : ={tabA!A:A}.

Then you will create a tab E in which you will aggregate all data : in cell A1 you write the formula ={tabA!A:P;tabB!B:P;tabC!B:P;tabD!B:P}. In this tab you will have your deal ID first in Cell A, then your 60 values in the following cells.

To create the deal and set the 15 first values, you will use a form pointing on the tabA. In another screen of your app you will display the list of the deals. And in the detail view of each deal, you can put 3 buttons, they will point on tabB, tabC and tabD, and using the edit mode you will be able to set the 15 values per tab.

Not sure if my explanation is clear, the best is to give a try splitting your tab with the 60 values.

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I would just be careful when pulling the deal id into the other tabs. If you ever sort a sheet or delete a row, then it will break the relation to the other sheets. I would recommend a script to copy new deal id’s in TabA to the other tabs, or make the user first create records in TabB, TabC, TabD using a form button from the the TabA details in the sheet.

Then I would use vlookups or query or something like that to join the sheets together in TabE instead of blindly joining row by row.

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Absolutely right and relevant! :+1:t2:

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