Re: multiple different types of "edit forms" screens from the same tab in google sheets

I want to incorporate multiple buttons that lead to a different “edit form” screen.
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But I just can not make 2 different layouts for those edit forms screens. If I adjust the one, the other is also adjusted.

The reason why I need this is that there a formula that is calculated in google sheets. The result of that formula is used in match multiple relationship column to another tab in my google sheet.

Since there is no action available that “updates” the google sheet. This formula is not recalculated.

I need it to because the next step is to make a choice. That choice is filtered based on the relationship. (otherwise there would be way too many choices)
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So I need to find a solution:

  1. different edit form screens
  2. update the information in google sheets not on form submission but real time.
    Or maybe something else.

Who can help me out?

Instead of using edit form you should use new screen and collect choices in User choice column and provide manualy created submit button. This way you can do acording user choices.
I think.

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Also if you will use if condition on action you also can mplement different new screens

Thanks for the help man, let me try it out

On entry to the edit screen, you can use that button action to set a value to the current column, then use that value in the edit screen for filtering/conditional visibility.


I agree, though, that having multiple edit screens would be nice.


I think this is the way to go! I have tried it (on a small app) and it seems to work fine. Thanks for the solution :wink:. The solution remains a work around and will intail a lot of extra work by each time setting the visibility conditions :sweat:. Apart from that, I just can’t believe that with all this fancy built-in functionality something as basic as multiple different types of “edit form” screens or multiple “detail screens” is not present in Glide. It seems so obvious to make sure that you can make an easy flow where you need google sheets to make an intermediate calculation. It must be in the top 10 of feature requirements for some time. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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