Custom different edit screens 🙏 Please vote

Would it be possible to add an option:
of different editing screens (and that the same editing screen does not appear)
I mean as in references to: a new screen, or a form screen

It will be possible to custom design several different types of editing screens - for the same line

In my opinion, this is a very powerful and useful idea for GLIDE PAGES
Provides great flexibility and ease of updating statuses by user or situation

Many will be happy if you add it

You can use visibility conditions to control it. Set a value on entry to the Edit screen, and then show/hide components based on that value.

Yes it is possible
But it’s a bit confusing and busy if there are too many situations

Why not just do it as a separate new screen for editing
As in the link to a new screen

Well I wouldn’t argue against it, just proposed a way to get what you want because I haven’t heard anything like this being in development.

Agreed, it would be nice for this to be an option.


Friends vote it will help everyone

I also would like to see this option! I’m completely lost on how to achieve my goal of having different edit forms based on different links. I have a book club app and want users to have two edit links when clicking a book: edit or recommend. “Edit” should allow users to update basic information about the book, and “recommend” should update the status of the book from the default to “recommended”. I want these edit forms to be separate so that I can attach a “current date/time” only when a book changes status to “recommended” but not if only basic info is updated. I use the “current date/time” to tag when things are new adds, and I don’t want them tagged as new every time someone makes a basic edit.

Not to mention only one edit form means one edit form title!

As an alternative, you can change your Recommend button to use a Set Column action, which will change the status and set the date. It seems that your recommend button really doesn’t need to open a form. That way you can leave the Edit button only for editing basic information without updating the date.


Thank you! This seems to get at the issue. Is there a way to add a confirmation screen before completing the action? I need there to be some sort of “are you sure?” message.

You could change the action to ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’ with an overlay. Then on that screen add a button bar. The first button will have your Set Column action, and the second button could be a Go Back action to close the overlay.


Amazing - I think that will do it! Thank you so much.

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Friends vote it will help everyone

Bumping this post. Vote. Such a needed feature!