Glide multiple edit screens, same table

Glide multiple edit screens, same table

This is my attempt at a guide to multiple edit screens in the same table. This topic fits better in “Community Resources”, but i cant post there yet. I’ll create a post there too when I can. I call this my “Edit switch”.

This method cost 2 updates per edit instead of the usual 1 updates per edit.

In my example, for simplicity, im gonna make two edit screen in the same table, but the method practically works for 10+ edit screens, theoretically 100+ edit screens.

Im my example my table is called TABLE1, containing the following columns:


Step 1
Create two columns in TABLE1:
EDIT SWITCH/Number (text)
EDIT SWITCH/Label (If - Then - Else).

  • If EDIT SWITCH/Number = 1, then “Edit Company”.
  • If EDIT SWITCH/Number = 2, then “Edit Task”.

Step 2
Create 3 Actions:

  • Edit switch - 1
  • Edit switch - 2
  • Edit switch - On send

Action Edit switch - 1:
Set column values - EDIT SWITCH/Number = 1
Show edit screen - This item.

Action Edit switch - 2:
Set column values - EDIT SWITCH/Number = 2
Show edit screen - This item.

Action Edit switch - On send:
If EDIT SWITCH/Number = 1 then Notification “Company edited”
If EDIT SWITCH/Number = 2 then Notification “Task edited”

Step 3
Create buttons:
Button 1 - Name: Edit Company. Action = Edit switch - 1
Button 2 - Name: Edit Task. Action = Edit switch - 2

Step 4
Press button 1 or 2, and setup the Edit screen.
Set screen “title” = SWITCH/Label
Set screen “on submit” = Edit switch - On send

Create two containers.

Container 1:
Visibility: show component when EDIT SWITCH/Number = 1
Add “text entry” COMPANY/Name
Add “text entry” COMPANY/Address
Add “text entry” COMPANY/Contact

Container 2:
Visibility: show component when EDIT SWITCH/Number = 2
Add “text entry” TASK/Product
Add “text entry” TASK/Assigned
Add “text entry” TASK/Deadline

You now have two different edit screens for TABLE1 depending on what button is pressed.


Hi! Good trick!
Many times, i tried to develop like this and every time i found it so dummy.
Because again and again became some needs to have separate task table.
Also, in a theory it is good practice to separate the data to different table.
Only one reason to deal with one table is row economy.
But may be row economy it is not main.
With separate table you easily can have single or multiple relation to Task table and independent edit screen.
But trick as itself is good!

Updated to “Community Resources”. Thank you.

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True, there are other good solutions. Using “New screen” works, but costs more updates + overlay dimensions don’t match form- or edit-screen. Multiple tables also works, but can be a hassle when you got many dependencies across columns (if a column in Table 2 need info from a column in Table 1).

Ya. Vote here: