Multiple Edit Screens

What is the best way to have different edit screens?

I prefer to allow edit only view the edit action form provided by glide rather than through new screens or detailed screens. Usually I require different layouts of edit screens depending on what the user whats to edit.

For example: Food Categories in a Restaurant Menu (Appetizers, Drinks etc…) User can edit the category details (name, description, icon…) or can edit the items in the category (add/remove items)

I have a user specific boolean (ex. add/remove items) and when user clicks on a floating button with edit action. if that is true, only parts of the edit form will show. otherwise other parts of the edit form will show.

is this good practice? does anyone have any better suggestions?

possibly creating self single relations & editing the relation row …

Use a set column that sets a value to a user-specific column in the same row, then show/hide components based on that column. I do this in many apps, let’s say in a Photos tab I set the value “photos”, when they open the edit screen they will only see image pickers.


Yes that is what I use currently. Was just wondering if there was any different approaches. Its also a bit annoying to assign visibility conditions to so many components.

There are two separate approaches that I use.

The first is the one that @ThinhDinh described, and the second is to use a Show New Screen → This Item action and build a completely new edit screen.

I generally use the first approach for simple use cases, but as the use case becomes more complex I’ll turn to the second approach. Mainly because, as you point out, managing visibility conditions can become very cumbersome as the complexity increases.


Yes but problem is Show New Screen apparently removes the form feeling of the screen, correct? the bottom menu appears. It also removes the popup from the tablet as most edit screens i use are for admins using a tablet, computer view.

have you tried the self single relation? do you think that will slow down things?

yeah, you’re right - and that is a trade off.

No, I haven’t. I couldn’t imagine that it would slow things down in any way. Computed columns are local, so results should be instant.

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