I can't make use of ''show edit screen'' action more than once

i am facing an issue with my app, why is it that i can’t make use of ‘‘show edit screen’’ action more than once?

An edit screen, just like the “details screen”, is tied to the action that opens them, not like “show new screen” where you can configure a whole new layout for a row.

You can utilize a flow that sets a value in the same row/in the user profiles table, then show/hide components inside the edit screen using that value, to be able to have “different edit screens”.


Ya…often what I’ll do is create a custom action that

  1. Writes a value to the user’s table with the purpose of the edit
  2. Show Edit Screen

Then, I create containers on the edit screen with visibility conditions based on the value I wrote in step 1.


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this was helpful… thank you