Different Edit screen at different pages

Can we have different Edit Screen at different pages of the App for the same row? Purpose is to allow User to only Edit certain details at one place and few other details at another page?

I understand this may be done using Detailed Screen layout but in my case, most of the Edit will be bigger paragraph which will heavily impact the “Updates” quota.

Unfortunately there can only be one edit screen (like Details screens) per row. You could use visibility conditions to change what is displayed to users based on how they navigate to the screen, their role, etc.

Alternatively, you could use a “Show New Screen” action and build out custom edit screens that way.



Can you help me with any of these use case? How do I set it up?

If you can create a custom action to navigate to the edit screen, part of that custom action could write a value to the user profile table for the active user. This value could tell you where they’re coming from within the app and then when you add components to the edit screen, you can change their visibility based on that value in the user profile table.


Thanks. Got it. That’s great idea.

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