Does the Edit Item have to be universal

I was trying to have different items for the user to edit in different blocks of the app but it seems the Edit Item only allows for the whole sheet/all columns to be edited and if I choose a few it changes it for the whole app

for example;

1st section, the user can edit company name
2nd section, the user can edit company address

It looks like the user has to be shown all columns to edit 1 item.

Is there a workaround to break up the items being edited??

Not sure about the use case, but you can make a relation to the same row (by using a unique value like row ID) then use a button to link to the screen with value being that relation. Add in appropriate entry fields and I think it will work as you want.

The edit button was not built to edit different columns in different parts of the app I suppose.

You’re right it seems it wasn’t built like that. I think it’s odd that on each screen it allows you to add columns as components, as many or few as you want, but when you go to edit, all columns show up.

You control which components appear on your edit screen. We put them there by default, but you can remove the ones you don’t want to allow.


Right, but the components chosen in edit screen are universal to all screens;

I’d like to be able to choose edit components per screen e.g.
screen 1, show A, B, C
screen 2, show X, Y, Z

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You can do this by setting conditional visibility per component. I will make a short video with an example…give me a few minutes.

Here is quick video about setting visibility per component (in form or any other place).


That’s amazing thank you and this works great for setting different visibility per user, but unfortunately, for my use case the user needs to see exactly the same screens, components, edit components, etc I don’t believe you can set visibility for showing different edit components from the same googlesheet/columns

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I am having a difficult time understanding what your use case is exactly based on the messages. Perhaps someone else will and can jump in here, like @Jeff_Hager or @ThinhDinh. Perhaps if you could make some screenshots or a short video it would help.

response from @ThinhDinh “The edit button was not built to edit different columns in different parts of the app I suppose.”

which is why it won’t work in my case as the edit item is universal for the entire app

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I thought I replied to this but here it goes again.

Here’s a workaround.

Under each item detail view, you can use a button to Link to Screen, which in turn links to ‘This item’.

In the new screen, you can use entry fields to update the data.


Hi, I have done a quick demo which you can copy here. You can combine edit button and link2screen to edit info in several places. Other options are available too…but for now play with these.

just preview as


Ah that may work! I didn’t realize the “text entry” component writes to the googlesheet (interesting!)


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Yes thank you seems like a good workaround (it doesn’t work inside the edit item, but it definitely works on different screens like you have it) and I like the “edit” button better too!

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if you preview as jamie it will work inside edit button too…tested it. Or probably not because I set it to copy. Anyways…you have plenty options on your plate now. Best of luck!

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