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There is an answer to this somewhere but it is in Italian.

I am trying to complete and health and safety form. It is a large form. I have saved the form on first submission. It enters a workflow stage awaiting completion ready to move on once all data needed is inputted.

So when you click to re-load the form, each form entry point (can be choices, text entry, number entries etc) needs to be done. I load a show details screen. Problem with this is that i put action texts on all the data entry points as this allows the user to go back in and change it if its wrong.

To my horror, when I click on “show edit” that one show edit applies to ALL the show edits down the whole form. So no matter what I do, I have only one show edit screen when actually, all i need to do is on that particular column entry, i just need to see that.

Name: James
Favourite colour; Black or brown or green?
Favourite food: (optional)

Currently, imagine I had 3 buttons to allow me to edit each item. When I click that button, I only want 1 screen with the item to edit. Example could be “Name” so I click name, a new screen shows Name, a name field and submit. Once submitted, the row is upadted and I return back to the form. I do the same for favoruite colour.

Can you see what I mean? Each item within the form almost needs it’s own screen that I can input data too.

The text entry button doesnt work on its own as without an edit screen, I cannot get a button to save the data in the text to the correct area on my table.

Please help me fix this as this surprisingly, is not obvious.

Big apologies to someone else who answered it, I cannot read Italian and google translate makes it look like pigeon English :confused:


A ‘Show New Screen’ → ‘This Item’ will give you a new screen that’s attached to the same row you are viewing. There you could place your entry components and it would be different for each button. Like I mentioned in the other post, I’d still recommend user specific columns to temporarily hold you entry values,and a submit button sith a set column action would move those user specific column values to the your regular columns.

When clicking the button to enter your “edit screen”, I would make it a custom action that would first prefill the user specific columns using a set column action before calling the Show New Screen action.

Have a look at this post. It would be similar, but instead of an Add Row action, you would use a Set Column action.


An alternative is still using the “Show edit screen” action, but use a set column action before that to set a value to a new column, let’s call edit “Edit Type”.

So in the “name” component, you set “Edit Type” to “Name”, for example. Then in the edit screen, set the visibility of the “name” text entry to only be visible when “Edit Type” is “Name”.

It goes like that for all other components.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager it is now working :slight_smile:

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Thanks @ThinhDinh I will play around with this technique on my next venture - great tip, thanks.

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