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Hello, Gliders,

I am building a Glide Page with different containers. Within each container, I want to put a button to show an edit screen to update the fields in that container only.

I created three different buttons and placed them in three different containers. I designed each Edit screen differently for specific fields. However, each edit is changing ALL Edit screens.

Container 1 contains Field A
Container 2 contains Fields B, C, and D
Container 3 contains Fields E and F

I designed Edit screen in container 1 for Field A
I designed Edit screen in container 2 for Fields B, C, and D
I designed Edit screen in container 3 for Fields E and F

When I went back to view them, all 3 edit screens showed Fields E and F. Are the edit screens on a Page not independent? Can I only have one edit screen per Page?


Hi Mona. I think if you use “Show New Screen” rather than Detail or Edit screen it will do what you want.

Thanks…I’ll check that out right now.


Button to form:
Title: Edit
Action: Show new screen for this item
Data: This item
Target: Small overlay

Button within form:
Title: Save
Action: Close overlay
This seems to have saved my changes without needing any other action

Am I understanding this correctly? Thank you!

Yep, that’s it. I use New screen a LOT. :wink:

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Because you’re writing directly to the field, opposed to an edit environment where your changes are saved only when you click the save button. You might not want this behaviour because you can’t “cancel” and revert the changes.


If a user were to hit the “X” in the top corner to leave the form, will it save or cancel the changes?

Argh! you are right. I tried to cancel out but it still saved the change rather than reverting. Any suggestions to solve my original problem without creating the second problem?

You can make your input components write to user specific columns. Then have Save/Cancel buttons. If the user clicks Save, then use Set Column Values to update the “real” columns using the User Specific column values. If they click cancel, then just close the window (Go Back).

You will probably want to modify the action that opens the form so that the user specific column values are set at this time.

This is essentially how a custom form works.


If you need any help with the custom forms @Darren_Murphy has a great guide here: How do I create a custom form?

You can also reference my app template here that uses a simple custom form to build a multi page sleep tracker: Sleep Tracker Template • Glide