Edit collection in the same screen rather then a popup

I have a collection of items and I want to add the edit screen in the section next to it like this.

I have the option to show the edit screen in Modal, Drawer, and also in a separate screen but am unable to find a way to show the edit form on the same screen in a separate section.

Would appreciate any pointers.

If you’d like to edit the values directly on the details screen, simply add the necessary entry components (Text Entry, Number Entry, etc.). This will give you the ability to edit directly on the same screen. Note that this will automatically overwrite the existing data and there is no “Save” or “Submit” button needed.

If you’d rather provide the ability to edit the values and include a Save/Cancel experience, you’d have to write the edited values to separate columns (likely User-specific ones) and then create a custom action on your Submit button that sets the original columns to use your new user-specific values (then clear the user-specific columns afterwards).