Add user input to existing row?

I am trying to create an action so that the user can tap a button in the details screen, pick a date and the row will be updated. Is this possible? I tried (a) using the ‘show form screen’ action - but then it’s added as a new row rather than updating the current row, and (b) using the ‘show edit screen’ action - but then it shows ALL fields (and I don’t want to reconfigure the edit screen as there are other situations where they need to edit multiple details). TIA!

You either want to use the Edit screen for that item (action → show edit screen) or build a “custom form” where the form updates an item (set column value).

Thank you! I did look at your post earlier and even copied the app, but initially couldn’t figure out how to adapt it for my use because it only appeared to let users add new animals rather than editing existing ones. But I’ve now dug into it further and managed to set it up so it works, adapting your ‘working’ sheet and ‘new animal’ and ‘new save’ actions. So thank you!!

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