I'm adding new rows to my table but changing other rows involuntarily

Hello everyone! When I go to a custom screen that simulates a form (I’m not using a form screen because I need my button to do multiple things beside adding rows) and I edit an action in my button to add a new row to my Glide Table it adds, in fact, the new row but also alters the previous row, making it equal to the new one. Why is this occurring?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hello Fillipe!

Are you using a custom form or is it something like a form container on a custom screen? the two are very different.

If I had to guess it sounds like your are using a native form with the on submit action adding a second duplicate row. Removing the on submit action would fix that.

Could we please see a screenshot of how your action(s) are configured?


If you are in fact using a custom form, remember that the custom form is actually connected to an existing row, so it sounds to me that you are updating that existing row as you type…then your button takes the values in the row you just updated, and creates a new row.


From what I know about Glide, this is problem! When I open the form it shows me a previous row from that Glide Table. The only way to deal with this is to use User Specific Columns? I was preventing that option because I wanted certain users to see the what the others had submitted.

Yes, you should always use User Specific Columns with a Custom Form.
If you want to show existing data, you can use normal Text components (not input components).

Another way to approach this is to use what is commonly referred to as a Helper/Worker table. This is generally just a single row table that only contains User Specific columns. Read more about that below: