Form on Submit (Rewrite row)

Hi guys.
I have a form that uses a glide table, but this table is linked in other app. I want to only edit it not add a dublicated row.
How could I do just that?

Use edit mode or a set column action.

Hello @Jeff_Hager.I submit the form it creates a duplicated item on my llist instead of rewriting it.
This Glide Table is on other app, so I used as a third part controller (to just rewrited the collumns strings).

You need to select the set row action instead of the add row action :slight_smile:

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If you are using add mode, or a form button, or the add row action, then of course it’s going to add a new row. Adding new rows is what they are designed to do. If you want to edit any existing row, then you should be using edit mode, or editable components on a details View screen, or a set column action on the row you are viewing, or through a single relation.

If you don’t want it to add a row, then change your app to edit the existing row instead.

Here’s a technique I like to use:

  • 1 button with a custom action
  • The action checks to see if a submission has been created from the form using a relation
  • If the relation is empty (no submission) show form, else show details of the relation.

I have this settings on “set columns”.

But if I submit the form, it creates a duplicated row.
I am doing something wrong?

Hola @Augusto,

You don’t need that on submit. A form creates a new row on the destination sheet.

The on submit action should be used to have a notification, webhook or something else but not to set columns or add row on the destination sheet.

I hope this makes sense.


I found it !!
Thanks all for your help.
I used ‘View Details’ option than on the top of the page it appears the ‘pencil’ icon for editing.


Sorry for hijacking this thread but I have gone through it a couple of times and it kind of triggered a question which I felt was a bit related.

During a form submit can we actually add additional data into the table along with the fields that are filled up on the screen?

Eg The screen has text, number, and date but on clicking submit on the top right another column says link to screen value also be written into it? or something similar ( something outside of the 3 user-specific fields like UUID, email, and DateTime )

If we build a screen with a button to submit user data then I guess we can do like above where we can create an action which does add row or set column kind but how about the kind of use case above.


I’m not sure I understand the case. However, you want to add more data from the user profile and/or the screen you can do so from the from. Just click the + on the left panel as you are adding a new component and scroll down to screen or user profile and add whatever you need from them.

As to link to screen, if you set it on submit the app will navigate to that screen after the submission. This might work if you want the user to see or check the information the just submitted.

I hope this helps.


Is there a way to go direct to EDIT MODE without using VIEW DETAILS ?

No, as far as I aware. I really want to have that option as an action.

Sorry but I didn’t get you, you said to use edit mode but how? can you please explain the steps to do that?.

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Thanks a lot for sharing that.