App Adds Multiple Items

Hey guys,

I’m using a button to “add new row”

Every time I fill out the form, my new row is automatically double.

Tried using it on the google sheet I built the app with initially, then tried copying the sheet into glide tables (which I plan on migrating everything to)

Both scenarios, my app creates the item and a duplicate.

Am I doing something wrong?

Here is what’s happening: Screen Recording 2021-12-31...

Hi @teehalz :wave:

If you are using the Add Row action in a form then it duplicates. Remove that action and try.

Thank you

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Forms add rows on their own. That’s the purpose of a form. If you add an additional add row action, on submit, to the same table with the same data, then yes, you will get a duplicate.

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Dilon - thank you for the reponse, I appreciate it!

All this button does is open a form edit screen (Image 2021-12-31 at 10.40.4...) should I embed a form on this page instead? Or am I still duplicating the step? I realize this is probably a super easy fix and I’m just overthinking it / missing one step.

Thank you!

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Your Welcome!

Not there. Check here. (On Submit)


Thank you

You rock, sir. I was just about to post that your comment helped me figure it out – I switched action on form submit to “close form”

Thank you so much for the help, my 2 hours spent on this at 2AM last night were not enough and it was really just that simple… :rofl:

Thank you again, happy new year!

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Great and Your Welcome!

Happy New Year :partying_face:

I might be overstepping my boundaries here and am happy to pay for this advice as well… if I can hire you for a consultation drop your link and I’ll book it.

I have another question on categories and relations.

This 48 second screen recording shows what I’m coming up with.

Problem is - I built my first app on google sheets. For this version, I’d like to use Glide tables. I’m rebuilding as such but cannot figure out my category relation. In my sheet, I have 3 columns that enable a category selection.

In the new one, I’d like to just have one “Categories” column where multiple can be selected.

For whatever reason, I cannot get the relation to pull correctly.

are you looking for something like this?

I think what you might be looking for is an array column? Are you trying to replicate sequentially numbered columns in a google sheet, that become a single array column in glide?

If I’m assuming correctly, you can either have separate columns for each category, then join them together with a template column, separating each value with a comma or some other delimiter (or you can simply have a single text column with a delimited list of items). Then use a Split Text column to split the values in your template or text column into an array of values that you can use for relations.

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With Split Text Column.

Hope I’m correct.

Sorry! I’m not available for hire. You can hire a Expert.

Thank you

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I’m available… got sick :frowning:

I really appreciate you taking the time to make that video! That is very helpful. I copied exactly as you said – and it’s still not pulling in. Which is odd, because it works perfectly on my google sheet, albeit a slightly different way (with the array as above comment mentioned)

I tried deleting all and re adding as well, still no avail. Not sure which part I’m missing. Actually tried recreating in a completely different app and no luck as well either. Is this because I’m using Row IDs?

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I figured it out - my categories had incorrect spacing in almost all of them. This video shows it - so the naming was just off.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help me out - I really appreciate it! Thank you!

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