Problem with clipping data row in sheet. Duplicating data

Hello everyone! I have a interesting bug, or something that i doesn’t know.
I have a form button with the form, when i filing data and click to the button with AddRow function the data writes to DB 2 times. I tried to change the send button function, to do some message first and then addrow function, but it write data 2 times. This problem with all of in app form in my project.
I use google sheet.

Hi @Dastan_Tairov,

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In the form screen you don’t need to add the Add row action because the form automatically do that for you! If you add the Add row action to your form you get duplicates! Remove the Add row action and try again!

Thank you

Thanks, and please tell me what is the standard function in form button?

Form button opens a form screen to create records in the selected sheet with the entered values. And the form creates the record automatically! The Add Row action is helpful to add this information after the form click to a different sheet, to create custom forms etc.

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