Can you create 2 rows from one form

I have an app that does a shuttle/taxi service. When booking the trip I want to be able to select if this is a roundtrip and if so then I want to just get the return date/time to create a second entry/row.

I want to use all the data from the master job (name, locations (reversed), contact number, charge/payment details etc…

Assuming that you’re using a native form screen, you could have an on submit action that conditionally adds a second row. Although I’ve not tried this myself, I believe the data from the row that’s been added by the form should be available.

Failing that, it would definitely be possible with a custom form.


It should be available and pretty reliable, as long as you don’t add some experimental column values through the “on submit” action.

Thanks Darren and Thinh.

This worked perfectly it was simple. Actually I had been suffering in pain not realizing you can modify the standard submit action :slight_smile:

I added the set values action to set all the values for my current row then added the “add row” action, which once you click you get to choose all the fields in the row again and I was able to switch the data around here.


Do you mean the original row you are writing through the form? You shouldn’t have to do that, since Glide already writes that row for you.

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Note that adding an on submit action is not modifying anything.
The form screen will still add a new row, regardless of any on submit action that you define.
So when you add an on submit action, rather than modifying any existing action, what you are doing is creating an additional action.

Might seem like splitting hairs or word semantics, but it’s a very important distinction to understand.

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Hi Thinh,

Can you clarify please. In my action here

I did the Set Column Values to do what the original submit would do, are you saying that if I did not do this then the row would still be added and the second row would be added by the “Add Row” action ?


Your Set Columns action is superfluous in this case, and the “else” part of your action sequence isn’t required.

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Thanks guys… This is great

I have about 120 columns that I had set 3 times… and I was worried about keep it all synced as I add more columns…

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