Form submission creates multiple rows


How do i make a form create a new row, setting each column to each input field on the form?

When I set the action on submit to “Add row”, when a user clicks submit it creates a row with the user’s name, then a row with the input fields (2x rows in total for each submit)

When I set the action on submit to “Set columns”, when a user clicks submit it creates a new row with the user’s name and that is all (1x in total, missing the other input fields)

What is going on here? Why can’t I just take the fields and plonk the outputs in a separate sheet?

Thanks in advance

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This post will help you have a read - Double Rows generated by Add form

Basically you don’t need set columns as the form already does that for you.

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I have seen many posts about this topic, but all the instructions are vague or unclear.

I have set the action after submit to “none”, yet the form still only transfers the users name and not the 2x other pieces of data. Picture below for ref

Also for ref, the 3x pieces of data i want in each column is: name, total contract value (number), contract summary (template list)

It seems like you only set the name as an entry, the other two are only for displaying purposes on that screen, right?

To get the other two as well, I believe you can use them as a “screen column value” and point them to the other 2 columns in the destination sheet.

Hmmm, thanks for the suggestion. I looked into that but i struggle to follow many of the glides guides because the interface in the guides looks different to my interface and i dont understand why?

Anyway, I ended up creating a new glide table to catch all the form submissions (with only the users name), AND create an action on submit to send the relevant information for that user into my desired G-sheet. probably not the most ideal solution, but it seems to get the job done


thanks for your help along the way anyway

Sorry for that, Glide has evolved a lot in the past months, especially with the new interface and I’m sure their team will update the instructions video soon.

Regarding the form, you can still try my suggestion not to have to create a new table on top of the row you’re already writing with that form.


The “screen columns” would appear on the left when you click the “plus” button in the screen-data row while viewing screen components, and do a search. You can search for your “BB Contract Value” and “BB Order Summary” fields there.


Actually it looks like values are coming from the user profile sheet, so user profile column components can be added instead.

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