Why is it when I publish a picture through the Image picker in the app, it appears two rows in the sheet instead of one. Every picture I posted it comes in double picture and double row instead of one

Before uploading any image I count it and it always one. Any time I choose one picture the app double it or double the row, I can not control it. I always choose one picture because even tho the app can not upload two pictures at once, always one by one upload.

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I guess you are using a form screen for add images? And in that screen for the submit form action section did you added a add row action?

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Thanks for welcoming me!. Yes I am using a form action and I added a add row action too. But I do not understand white it is adding two rows instead of one. Can you please expalin why is that?

Remove this add row action and try again! In a built in form you don’t need to add the add row action because form does that for you automatically!

More info about Forms : https://www.glideapps.com/docs/guides/other/forms

If I remove the option of add row to a new sheet I won’t be able to perform this action. Because as you know the form action is made to have a response, that response for me is the pictures or rows added in a new sheet. If I do not pick any action for “submit” in the form and just select “none” I don’t think it will add the rows and the pictures in a sheet by itselft. So please let me know what option to choose or how to fix the add row action to just add one row or one picture.

The reason that the rows get duplicated because of the Add Row Action. Currently you are in a form screen that the form adds the row to the destination table automatically and when you add the Add Row Action in the on submit section then another row adds to the table and then you get two rows that are same which is a duplicate.

So you can remove the Add Row Action and you are good to go!

Read here for more info about Forms : Glide Docs • Forms

And to add current time and current user’s email you can use special values that you can add by clicking the plus icon. : Glide Docs • Introduction to Values


If you are trying to add extra values such a Time and Email, you do that by adding Value, Special Value, or User Profile Value components. Don’t try to do it using On Submit.

And regardless, if you are trying to update a newly added row, you should be using the Set Column action instead of the Add Row actions. As @Dilon_Perera stated, forms are meant to add rows. Adding another Add Row actions is redundant.

But overall, I usually avoid using any On Submit actions. Add the components you need instead.


Thank everyone for the help!


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