Double Rows generated by Add form

Hello Gliders,

we encountered a bug that I hope we might solve with your help:

When a user use the “Add” form it generates two rows in our database with 2 different Row Id’s.

It seems it takes two input from for the same text entry, we can’t figure out why.

Any suggestion? I attach a screenshot of the problem, I really hope this can help!

The Add form already adds a row. Same with the Form form. That’s what they are designed to do. Looks like you added a secondary on submit action that adds a second row and isn’t necessary.


Maybe we should change this label to “After Add” instead of “On Submit”


That or ‘After Row Added’…and maybe a warning if Add Row and the same sheet is selected? I’ve seen this issue pop up a few times now.


Quick update, I’ve deleted the “On submit” and now it works just fine, thank you very much for the support! Yeah, maybe a label like “Add a second row” or something alike could be a nice hint.

Thanks again!