How can I add user entry by "Add a Row" action?

I want to take the user input and add it to the row. How can I do that? Refer the image below for an example.

I’m not using “submit form” action because I want to create a series of action. Once the row is added, I want to open a link. With submit, I go back to the previous screen from where submit form action was invoked.

Instead of ‘Add Row’, create a new combo action which allows you to perform multiple actions at once.

@Jeff_Hager Can you specifically point me to the right action I can use?

I know I can create series of multiple actions but I’m not able to submit the form and then add another action to the same series. That’s why I’m trying to use “Add Row” followed by “Open Link”. With this, I’m facing the above mentioned issue with “Add Row”.

You can perform additional actions on form submit by going to the features tab within the form. If you would rather do it the way you are showing, you are only performing a single add row action. Change it to a New Action which allows for combo actions.