Add Row Actions! - changing 1st row in data before actually adding the row

My app’s URL:

Not sure if it’s supposed to behave this way, I’m playing around with the new add row action. I intend to use to replace form buttons.

So far I have one button to link to a new screen, (the same as my old form). Then switch the new screen to a detailed view and remove all the prepopulated fields and add entry fields to match the columns as the form before.

The add row button works perfectly. a new row with user entered fields appends to the bottom of the sheet. However, as the user enter’s new information the first row is overwritten. Is this the correct behaviour? if so I cannot use the add row function to replace forms :frowning:

Later I tried stringing a few custom actions together --> add row first > link to new screen > user input fields.

this method adds a new a row at the bottom, but when the user inputs their data the first row is still overwritten.

What am I doing wrong?!

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Where are you storing information before letting users hit the submit button? I think you’re letting them overwrite the existing ones. You should have user-specific columns to temporarily store the data.